Q&A: Andrea

We’ve been cycling together a bit, but it’s not like we know each other in depth. We had some fun cross-interviewing each other to get a bit closer. And give the chance to know us a bit too. Here’s Andrea’s pop quiz.

Andrea in 50 words
I’m an architect and researcher. I’m working on digital technologies applied to graphics and design. And I’m a cyclist and traveller too. I’m into long distance races and mountains.

If you’re not cycling, you are..
In my office, on a construction side, on the hills, on a mountain, on the skiis.

The most beautiful 100km of your life.
Every single one!

The most horrible 100km of your life
1 could be enough, but luckily for the moment I had none!

If you were a bike, you would be..
An Mtb, but with some good handling on the road too. And fine to go on the snow.

If you were an event or a race you would be..
The Tour Divide

If you could steal one thing from a cyclist, what would you steal and from whom?
I’d take Coppi’s style

Cyling alone or with others?
Usually alone

Cycling in the daylight or night time?
No difference

Road or off road?
It depens on how muddy it is!

Why #AMR2020?
Why not? It sounded like a good time to visit Morocco!

What is scaring you the most of #AMR2020?
Gears. You never knows if you choose them right in such events.

Why you picked ginger?
Because it’s a great natural painkiller.

Tell us something no one knows about you.
I kind of suck downhill.. That’s why I’m often cycling alone 😉

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