Q&A: Federico

We’ve been cycling together a bit, but it’s not like we know each other in depth. We had some fun cross-interviewing each other to get a bit closer. And give the chance to know us a bit too. Here’s Federico’s pop quiz.

Federico in 50 words
28 years old and very few watts in the pocket. I was (almost literally) born among bicycles and after leaving them for some years they got me back like a magnet and I tried to make a living out of them too. I come from the flatlands (Legnano, near Milan) and after some detours in Copenhagen, New York and London I decided Dolomites can be a good place to work and ride.

If you’re not cycling, you are..
Probably working. Probably on excel or keynote if it’s a normal day, probably on a shooting or at some event if it’s a great day. Sometimes I also write stuff I publish in different places. Else, I’m drinking beer and throwing a BBQ with friends.

The most beautiful 100km of your life
The night of La Dolomitics 2019. After 15 hours cycling, I crossed other four passes through the night without even realizing. Alone in the darkess, completely in the zone. At dawn was like waking up from a dream.

The most horrible 100km of your life
I went through some unexpected and not very pleasant moment, but looking back every time I learned something. If shared, those moments are also the ones you keep telling each other after many years.

If you were a bike, you would be..
An old, green, Legnano. Honoring my hometown 😉

If you were an event or a race you would be..
Some not-so-important Pro race. One of those with great organization but missing something to be a Grand Tour or a Classic. I miss legs to be a real cyclist too. It kind of matches.

If you could steal one thing from a cyclist, what would you steal and from whom?
Experience and humbleness from Kristoff Allegaert. But also talent and legs from MVDP would help XD

Cyling alone or with others?
With the right “others”. But I enjoy pedalling alone, it helps me thinking.

Cycling in the daylight or night time?
Night is great. It seems like everything goes faster and you can’t get the same silence during the day.

Road or off road?
I’m a road cyclist, but I like exploring. And it’s easier doing it off-road, even if you’re 10 km away from home. Sometimes is good to run away from everything, even if for a couple of hours.

Why #AMR2020?
I wanted to do something like it since quite some time. The timing is great; from march on work is kind of hectic. And the video teaser was like the last push to convice me applying.

What is scaring you the most of #AMR2020?
The incontroverible choices you make before leaving. Setup, apparel.. I’m afraid, but it’s also the most fascinating part of these events.

Why you picked cumin?
To be honest, I had Andrea and Mattia choose before and I was left with cumin, but I’m happy about it. It’s the only one among the three with a mediterranean origin. It’s a common spice, even humble I would say, and it was associated with happiness and loyalty. Good treats, right?

Tell us something no one knows about you.
Well, a bunch of people know that, but still. I’m colorblind. I see the World with my own color scheme. You can probably guess dealing with these spice colors is as difficult as crossing the Atlas for me, but is fun 😉

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