Q&A: Mattia

We’ve been cycling together a bit, but it’s not like we know each other in depth. We had some fun cross-interviewing each other to get a bit closer. And give the chance to know us a bit too. Here’s Mattia’s pop quiz.

Mattia in 50 words
I’m a very simple guy, sometimes I’m a bit cold but I think I’ve got a big heart. I love cycling, travelling, exploring, getting to know other cultures.

If you’re not cycling, you are..
Keeping work aside, I love to spend time with friends, in front of a good beer if possible. But the thing I love the most is spending time with my nephews Anita and Giulia.

The most beautiful 100km of your life
Every time I get on the Dolomites. Better if off-season when no one is around.

The most horrible 100km of your life
Race Across Italy. It was maybe 200 km in which I experienced every sh*t possible. De-hydration, lack of food, headwind so strong that I could not reach 15 km/h, knee pain, cold even if it was 20 degrees. But then it was a huge satisfaction to get to the finish line after 900 km!

If you were a bike, you would be..
Probably a gravel bike geared up to travel the World

If you were an event or a race you would be..
A tough one, but one you can enjoy for its landscapes and the culture of the territory you cycle through.

If you could steal one thing from a cyclist, what would you steal and from whom?
I think I’ve got enough grit. But I’d steal just a bit more of that from my cousin Alessandro. He is riding for CCC in the World Tour.

Cyling alone or with others?
I like riding with others, but sometimes I love being alone to relax and re-find my balance.

Cycling in the daylight or night time?
Night is fascinating, but I still prefer day time.

Road or off road?
I was born a road cyclist, but lately I definitely prefer off road!

Why #AMR2020?
Because I always need objectives and I always need to discover new places and cultures. AMR was simply mixing all of that.

What is scaring you the most of #AMR2020?
Night. But many friends who’d been to Morocco told me stars are simply amazing. Maybe they’ll help.

Why you picked turmeric?
Strong taste, just a bit hot and with a sour feeling. It kind of matches my character. And I love yellow too.

Tell us something no one knows about you.
I love cycling at night, but I’m afraid of dark XD

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