Lifeblood. Mattia’s bike for #AMR2020

If our jerseys were designed by Sporftul and will feature the same design, we decided to get a bit more creative ourselves regarding our 3T bikes.
The italian company offers a ready-to-paint program you can customize your bike with. We decided to take this opportunity. Each of us dealt with his bike design secretly. Now it’s time to show each other and to the World how we interpreted our Spice for the 3T Exploro we will use for Atlas Mountain Race.
It’s Mattia’s turn first. And here’s the story about his piece of art created for him by Giorgio Dalla Costa.

Making a rough estimate, one will need between 30,000 and 40,000 calories to cover the 1145 km of the Atlas Mountain Race course and get to Sidi Rabat. It’s the kind of energy a person usually eat and drink in fifteen or twenty days on a normal diet. 

We will only have eight days to get to the sea and it’s therefore pretty clear the energy equation is definitely not even.

Giorgio Dalla Costa knows exactly that finding energies in a long race is one the main issues. 49 years old, Giorgio is an Italian artist active in painting, sculpting and many other disciplines. He is a cyclist too and gets part to ultracycling events for a hobby. Last year, for example, he completed Italy divide.

Lately he was able to combine art and cycling. He thinks painting frames is a work that lands in between painting and sculpting and it’s somehow a paradigm shift for art itself. Paintings and sculptures are standing in an exhibition or a museum and they have the ability to make a person travel away with his mind. In the case of a painted bike, it’s the owner himself who gets the artwork with him and makes it travel.

To paint a bike frame – Giorgio says – the first need is to create a connection between the artist and the owner of the bike. It’s necessary for the artist to almost become that person, because it’s a process aimed to answer his questions and give visibility to something that was invisible before.

Giorgio had complete freedom in making Mattia’s frame. The only fixed point was the used of the turmeric yellow on the 3T logo band on the down tube. That color – and the glossy finishing – were applied by the Italian master of custom frames Tony Spray.

Even though Giorgio says that the painting time is relative, it took about ten days to the artwork to be born and be named: “Lifeblood. Bringing along your roots to get new energy in continuous regeneration. Bright energy”.

Let’s hear directly from Giorgio about this piece of art.

I saw Mattia as a person with very strong roots. He travels a lot, but family and relationships are the key element he gets energy from. He’s got a winning mindset, but he is a very positive and cheerful person too, in my opinion.

His character was the inspiration, the Turmeric theme my guideline for the chromatic effects. The colors you will find on the frame are inspired by the different forms and evolution of this spice. From the typical intense yellow of the powder, to the acid one of it’s status when cooked. But there are also some violet and pink, linked to the turmeric flower nuances.

I tried then to image the frame in the landscapes that Mattia will cross during Atlas Mountain Race, trying to get to colors and shades that would perfectly match the context and Mattia himself at the same time.

I used the action painting technique to paint the frame. It’s the same I use for big pictures. Colors are applyed with big and fast movements. I put material to take it out eventually. My colors are not thick. It’s a spiritual kind of painting.

The black lines on the down tube are like cuts in the space. I name them Thoughts fibers. They are my way to represent feelings.

Painting a frame is not easy at all. It’s a process in which a lot of doubts emerge, but the best and most liberating thing is the moment you show the frame to the owner. The first sight is crucial. You can clearly tell when you got it right, because you see the light in his eyes. You understand your job is done and now it’s the owner turn. 


I had this feeling with Mattia. I’ve seen some energy created the very moment I handed the frame out to him. The same energy he will need on the mountains in Morocco. Lifeblood will help him find it.

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