The pair frames, in the making: Tony Spray

If our jerseys were designed by Sportful and will feature the same design, we decided to get a bit more creative ourselves regarding our 3T bikes.

The italian company offers a ready-to-paint program you can customize your bike with. We decided to take this opportunity. Each of us dealt with his bike design secretly. Now it’s time to show each other and to the World how we interpreted our Spice for the 3T Exploro we will use for Atlas Mountain Race.

Here the master behind Andrea’s and Federico’s bikes

Giorgio Dalla Costa was the key player in the making of Mattia’s frame for Atlas Mountain Race (read about it here). Federico and Andrea, racing in pair, decided instead to decide about the design of their frames themselves. 

They had some ideas, they designed it in 2D but the true magician who made it real on the 3T carbon frame and fork is someone else.

Antonio Tabarin is the Italian master of custom handmade painting and the owner of Tony Spray. His lab located in Villorba, Treviso, saw the birth of some serious design projects. From changing colors and paint a plain frame to the most elaborate designs, Antonio – Tony, for everybody – gets you covered. He takes care of the whole process and delivers a fine result. It’s just incredible see your idea getting real and rideable. We were amazed.

Tony is an ultracyclist himself. This year he completed and finished Paris-Brest-Paris, for example. He is a true cyclist passionate and getting to spend some time with him and his wife seeing their precise and meticulous work while chatting about cycling was a real pleasure. Red hook frame numbers, posters, cycling memorabilia. Visiting Tony is some sort of working-space-museum you can’t imagine watching the shed from the passing-by state road.

It’s a real beauty seeing the passion and the commitment they put in their mission to make your dream frame come true. We could sit there hours seeing them peeling tape off or spraying frames in the paint chamber.

When Tony saw our designs on paper he was like yea, we something tricky here. We offered to change them and simplify, but he decided to get the challenge. Needless to say, he won it and the results are just amazing.

The whole process took a couple weeks, in which Tony tryed to interpret our designs and made 100% what he was transferring on the bike was exactly what we had in mind. There were pretty intense phone chats at 6PM for a couple of nights in a row to fine tune everything and tape out bikes right.

Choosing colors were crucial for Federico’s design, since he wanted to match the jersey with it’s frame, while Tony claims working on Andrea’s bike pattern was of the hardest jobs he’s ever done.

In the next couple of days we will show you the final result Tony achieved on each of the bike, getting into details about our design ideas and wills that he patiently needed to take into account to make us happy.

He did it. He made the Ras El Hanout pair, Cumin and Ginger, proud and ready to get their frame sandy and dirty out on the Moroccan mountains.

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