Name pending: Federico’s 3T Exploro for #AMR2020

If our jerseys were designed by Sportful and will feature the same design, we decided to get a bit more creative ourselves regarding our 3T bikes.

The italian company offers a ready-to-paint program you can customize your bike with. We decided to take this opportunity. Each of us dealt with his bike design secretly. Now it’s time to show each other and to the World how we interpreted our Spice for the 3T Exploro we will use for Atlas Mountain Race.

It’s Federico’s turn!

When we split to design our bikes after approving our custom jerseys, I quite panicked. I’m no designer, and the idea to decide how to make mine was terrifying. What if I fuck up the first opportunity I have to customize a bike frame and I end up ruining a beautiful and noble shape like a 3T Exploro?

After some riding and thinking, I realized it was the case to go back to Mies Van Der Rohe. Less is more. Keep it simple. Why over complicate things? Having a chance to get creative doesn’t mean you need to exaggerate and make it too loud or you will end up regretting it. It’s pretty much like distance cycling. Having energy to spare doesn’t mean you need to push as hard as you can immediately or you will end up regretting it. In the background, when I’ll look down to the top tube during Atlas Mountain Race, this bike will function as some sort of reminder.

I like coherence, I like things working well one together with the other. And I like balance. I figured the bike would then need somehow to match and complete the kit and the logo of our expedition. The following was pretty simple.

First, I decided to use the Moroccan blue we used for the details of the jerseys as a base of the frame. Details followed, made with the two Cumin brown nuances of my kit. 

Details design was then inspired by our logo. It’s a geometric triangle pattern, inspired by mountain peaks and the spices piling up in the Moroccan Souks. The down tube 3T logo, the internal of the fork and the chainstay were enough to apply it.

That was the idea, I asked then Andrea for a little help in putting it onto paper and trusted Tony to refine the patterns the best way possible to match the 3T Exploro shapes and get to a nice result. Also shading the two brown nuances was Tony’s idea. I like trusting who knows better and let them do their job. It always pays off.

When Tony showed me the frame with just the base color I thought – oh my God, that’s too blue! It’s like the Smurfs bike. But he asked me to trust him again and the result is simply stunning. 

I love how classy, soft but somehow strong this bike design is. She has her own character. You can’t mess with her, but she is elegant and sexy, modern and a bit retro.

At this point, as for any bike I own, I would give her a name matching her character. But I decided to wait. I want the fate to find the right one for her. The first girl I’ll meet in Marrakesh the day before the race matching this temper, that’s will be her name.

It’s going to be Valentine’s day. I’m already in love with the bike, just can’t wait to call her by name and line up the day after for our 1150km journey!

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