Dazzle Camo: Andrea’s bike for #AMR2020

If our jerseys were designed by Sportful (here)and will feature the same design, we decided to get a bit more creative ourselves regarding our 3T bikes.

The italian company offers a ready-to-paint program you can customize your bike with. We decided to take this opportunity. Each of us dealt with his bike design secretly. Now it’s time to show each other and to the World how we interpreted our Spice for the 3T Exploro we will use for Atlas Mountain Race.

It’s time for the crazy design from Andrea. Being an architect himself, the bar was set high!

I visited Morocco the first time When I was 22 and as a young architecture studend I have been shocked by architecture and art. Avoiding figurative and using geometry and mathematics to express the beauty of the world. Dreaming

In Islamic culture, the patterns are believed to be the bridge to the spiritual realm, the instrument to purify the mind and the soul. Something like the mandala in Shintoism or zen gardens for Buddhist.

Interesting is also the evolution in western culture and how artist as Escher played this with this pattern creating impossible vision of reality or during WWI cubist artist at the royal college of Art in London distorted this patterns creating beautiful dazzle camouflage for warships or again post modern designers lead by Ettore Sottsass played use it as a tool to disrupt modernism.

When I was studying the graphic of the bike for this adventure, which as European, represents exploration of a different side of the world, I tried to converge the geometrical classical Islamic representations and the playful approach of post modernism culture. On a bike frame.

The outcome is an optical crazy mess that I believe represents quite well what I am expecting from this race. I love the result and I a sincere thanks goes to Tony spray which handle it! (not easy to mask all that lines!!!)

Can’t wait to ride it in Morocco. Cheers

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