Kristof Allegaert on #AMR2020

Ultra-cycling is a world of extraordinary people and strong personalities. No one excluded. But some simply stand out from the crowd. Kristof Allegaert is one those and probably no one can argue about that. With two Transcontinenal Race wins in the pocket and many other results, Kristof is one the most experienced and strong riders out there.
He is not going to be in Marrakesh for the Atlas Mountain Race, but we are lucky enough to call Kristof a friend and we’ve been able to reach out to him and ask him his opinion on the race. And also some tips for all of us lining up next Saturday. Here his thoughts. Enjoy!

Have you had a look at the race course? What do you think about it?

In big lines I knew the whats&hows and cycling trough the Sahara or in the Atlas mountains is pretty high on my wishlist . I think this is a good intro for people who want to do something in remote places. Summer can be to hot and this time of the year you can have 4 seasons a day.

2. Have you ever been riding in Morocco? How is it? If not, what is in your opinion the most similar location you rode your bike in?

I have a preference for deserts and riding through the Sahara is extremely high on my list. Been before in few other remote places and those are always my biggest pleasure. Nullarbor (Australia) / Atacama (Peru) / Mongolia / Death Valley / Kalahari (Namibia) ….

2. Which kind of bike you would have used to participate in such a race

Something like a gravel bike with 32mm tires  because i think you stay always on “roads or pistas”  (not sure about this, though)

3. How many hours / days you think the winner will take to get to the finish line?

1150 KM can be done in within 48/50h if all the roads are drivable and not extremely bad. Everything that goes up goes down to 😉  
Downside can be half of the time will be in complete darkness
(When we read this we were like Whaaat!)

4. How would you dress and what would you take with you as apparel for the race?

Luggage is something very personal and like i said before, you will have 4 seasons / day.
Bibshort with kneewarmers, baselayer, jacket, gloves and my favorite jacket (Sportful Fiandre No rain).
OK thats pretty basic but if you’re prepared to suffer and take some risks you can survive this.

5. What is the major challenge for participants in your opinion? i.e. bad surface, temperature range, remote areas, etc

The combination of everything. You don’t understand the system in Morocco, the food, 4 season, remoteness, sufferfest, being really alone, the real darkness, level of fitness because it’s early in the season.

6. Three pieces of advice for the participants

I’ll go with four:
Survival blanket
Extra warm jacket
Good lights

7. If you had a look at the start list, who’s your pick for the win?

Didn’t see that list yet and like i said it must be a allround rider who’s all-year-round fit also.

8. What do you think about the Ras El Hanout project?

The way i love things, simple, to the point, good looking and some body inside the articles. Keep going with that kind of work and hoping the numbers of visitors are ok for you.

9. Anything else Kristof?

The only thing I wanted to say to all three of you is:
Have fun and enjoy your moments out there.

We just want to thank Kristof for his time and extend his last recommendation to our fellow riders! Can’t wait to meet you in a few days in Marrakesh. As for now, we are still running around to collect stuff and put everything together.

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