Day 2 Recap: Dealing with the unpredictable

An astonishing sunrise was in store to kick off the second 24 hours of the Moroccan adventure  and everything was feeling quite right and magical throughout the first half of the morning. Mattia was carrying out his conservative strategy feeling strong, the 222 A and B cap pair, formed by our Cumin and Ginger covered a good portion of ground without feeling much beaten up by the sundown hours. After some very short rest during the night an important day was ahead.

But as an event such as the Atlas Mountain Race can be a spicy moment in the life of the one who dares to attend it, it can also turn suddenly into something a bit too soury. Shortly after noon the unpredictable happened: Mattia suffered a minor fall, which left him without injuries but caused the handlebar of his bike to snap.

A meticulous tape work took place promptly and Mattia managed to attach the left brake lever to what was left on his cockpit, but this proved to be definitely inadequate to ride hard for hundreds of kilometers through the unforgiving Atlas region.

Due to the irreparable damage Mattia was forced to back off the battle for the leading positions.

After a little pause to refocus and take care of some minor scratches, Mattia decided that not everything was lost and he decided to keep pushing through the adversity moving towards Agadir.

Meanwhile the rest of the Ras El Hanout crew closed the gap on him and for a little while the three were able to chitchat.

On Andrea and Fede’ s hand Day 2 got pretty rough too. At around 10:00 am the couple began a section that seemed on the GPX track slightly easier than what real life let transpire. Over seven hours were necessary to cover 100 kilometers and finally exit the insidious section that costed Mattia some trouble and all riders a good chunk of energy and some frustration to slowly kick in.

The three reunited kept pedaling through the sunset and the first hours of darkness until crossing path with a river ford where they decided to let their bodies rest for a while and leave the traverse as the first snag of Day 3. 

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