Day 3 Recap: Covering ground

Apparently Monday mornings are Monday mornings all over the planet. Today was not exception since the first few kms of the day just turned out to be a mess of fords and dry riverbeds, pretty rough on our bodies and gear.

However the decision to stop before that section for the night turned out to be a good one since the broken path soon enough left space to a paved section that helped give a twist to the plot. And what a feeling! Never before tarmac has been so smooth and speedy.

Loads of straights and sun at the zenith

The fast rolling mixed with another handful of positive circumstances raised the somehow damped spirit from yesterday’s tribulations. Among them, the highlight was the glimmer of a freshwater source that rinsed of the faces dust accumulated riding multiple days in the arid, topped with a gourmet food stop: Italian pizza in the Moroccan outback!

Federico went nuts and ordered pizza for days under the skeptical eyes of Andrea. But again Federico saw it right, and the abundant launch was tasty – apparently you could eat worse pizzas in some restaurants of the boot shaped country.

The halfway point of the route was reached at around 4:00 pm and enough energy was in the tank to push throughout the early morning and make it over the 600 km mark.

Finally, the good news of the day is that last time we heard from Mattia the only pain he was suffering after yesterday fall was some good old butt soreness due to the long days on the saddle and nothing more.

Day 3 was great fun and busted the psyche for the second half of the adventure to come.

Custom painted 3T Exploro, custom painted SuperGiara jerseys –> the pose was a must !
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