Day 4 Recap: Deep into the adventure

The fourth night was not super relieving. The chosen spot for a quick nap was a colonnade facing a closed saffron factory. It was a pretty rad place but apparently that one little village was populated by hundreds of dogs that kept barking all night. We left the village feeling all the weight of the previous day on the saddle, while the muezzin was calling the devoted to the ṣalāt al-fajr, the first out of five prayers of the day, happening right on the first ray of sunlight.

As usual the first kilometers in the morning happened to  be among the toughest of the day but the beauty of the plateau in which we were pedaling  balanced out the nastiness of the broken path that crosses it.

Today was also the day for CP2 to be reached and what a great feeling it was! We went easy on food with three by everything: 3 tajines, 3 soups, 3 omelettes, 3 bread baskets, 3 salads and some sweets to top it. 

Some little comforts were there waiting for the competitors needing and soar bodies. The luckiest of us also got the chance to take a shower with soap. These are the little things that make all the difference and rejuvenate body and spirit.

The afternoon was smooth and rich. We moved at a good pace, but we also took the chance to make  some stops along the route when bumping into compelling situations.

The highlight of the day was definitely made by a tea offered by a few women who were handily making yarn. The ambiance when drinking hot Moroccan tea is always charming and peaceful.

Like in any respectable ras el hanout, the Spicy of this expedition are now all reunited as one. Mattia’s left arm is accusing some sort of fatigue and, due to all the bouncing and an old injury dated back to his early years of racing, his shoulder dislocated already twice. Of course stopping is out of question but he decided that being around Fede and Andrea would be safer.

After sunset we reached the village we aimed for some resupply before the night. There we made some cool encounters with locals really attracted by our means of transportation. It appears that a Garmin 1030 is a magical piece of gear even for the Moroccan Berbers.

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