An event such the Atlas Mountain Race could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Getting to know a place and a culture from the saddle of a bike while pushing yourself to your limit it’s a chance that you can’t leave untaken. It’s an experience to be lived beyond competition. We are Andrea, Mattia and Federico and we will try to tell ours through Ras El Hanout, the spicy expetition to #AMR2020.

Ras El Hanout, رأس الحانوت‎, it’s literally translated as Top of market and is a mix of fine spices largely used in the North-African and Moroccan cuisine. It’s not easy to find exactly out where or when it was invented. Merchants, as the legend goes, would carefully select the best spices they could offer to create this great blend that is used to prepare Tagines and other Moroccan dishes.

Not even its recipe is completely fixed; each shop, restaurant or even family has a slightly different one. One thing is for sure: it’s made by many different spices. We could spot the same 7-8 in every recipe we could find in books and over the internet. Others, up to 40 different ingredients, appear and disapper changing regions, traditions and influences. Many of the spices of Ras El Hanout are not originally from Morocco; a hint about the rich cultural and commercial exchanges that this open region hostes throughout its history. It is a deeply Moroccan spice mix, embracing its tasteful components from all over the World. Such as the Atlas Mountain Race with their participants.

We fell in love with this concept and with the colorful spice stands in the Souks and to frame our story around it. Each of us chose a spice of the mix to represent. Each with his personality, experience and attitude to add taste to our expedition.

Mattia, Turmeric, will race Solo. Andrea, Ginger, will race as a Pair alongside Federico, Cumin.

Ready to taste our #AMR2020?

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