Federico – Cumin

I need to be called crazy at least once a month

Fede on the reaction he gets every time he tells his last big ride

Federico Damiani is a marketing officer for Sportful, with a focus on product, brand and content creation. Due to family business and passion he’s always been in touch with bikes and the cycling world. Since three years he is a cyclist too, focusing lately on long distances and bikepacking.
He will be Cumin during this Ras El Hanout expedition to #AMR2020

cumin ras el hanout

It is the pale green seed of Cuminum cyminum, a small herb in the parsley family. The seed is uniformly eliptical and deeply furrowed. Cumin has a distinctive, slightly bitter yet warm flavor. An ancient spice, Cumin is native to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt. Currently it is grown in many places, as it is rather easy to grow and adapts well to many climates. Cumin is one of the ancient spices, a favorite of the Romans and it is mentioned in the Old Testament.